The First Digital Garden In The Country/ Kanakukunnu Garden.

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Akhilesh with his guide Dr Gangaprasad

The First Digital Garden In The Country/ Kanakukunnu Garden.

In This Garden in Kerala, where every tree will have a unique QR code so that have a information on each tree.

Country’s first digital garden is being built in Kerala. Spread over an area of ​​21 acres located at Raj Bhavan, QR code is being imposed on all the trees in Kanakukunnu Garden.

The complete information about the tree can be obtained by scanning this code by any smartphone. We will get all the information like tree species, age, botanical name, surname, flower bloom season, fruit season, medicine and other uses of the trees.

Dr. A. Gangaprasad and Akhilesh Nair of the Department of Botany of the University of Kerala have contributed significantly to the development of this garden. There are thousands of trees in the Kanakukunnu Garden, but currently, the quick response QR Code has been put at just 600.


• QR code has also been imposed on 100 trees in Lodhi Garden in Delhi.

Lodhi Garden

QR codes were first imposed on the trees of Lodhi Garden located in Lutyens zone of Delhi. Its purpose was to tell people about trees that were years old. There are about 100 & more trees coding here. Many of the trees on which QR codes have been put are more than 100 years old. Plants with many medicinal properties are also present in this garden.

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