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Std 5 Home Learning Video DD Girnar 2020 (Dhoran 5)

Std 5 Home Learning Video DD Girnar : Gujarat government started home learning video on DD Girnar. So student can study from home on their TV. Some Students didn’t have TV and want to learn from mobile. Then this post will helpful for him. Here I am shared YouTube Links of Std 5 DD Girnar Home Learning Video.

Government started home learning from 15th June. Till Now they uploaded more than 30 Video Of STD 5 Home Learning. Here I am listed all Home Learning Video for Dhoran 5 DD Girnar. Also We will daily update all online test for std 5 On This page.

Std 5 Home Learning Video

Students who study from any school of gujarat have to same Syllabus. In standard 5 there are 5 Subjects, which is Gujarati, Maths And Environment. Book name of this subject is Kalshor, Paryavaran Aaspas, mayur and ganit gammat. Gujarat Government Started only 5 subjects Home Learning videos which is maths, gujarati and EVS. Also Students Can View Joyful Saturday Episode Every Saturday. Joyful Saturday Videos is very Useful for Students, Becouse students can learn knowledge very easily.

Here is full List of all previous DD Girnar Home Learning Std 5 Video. Simply click on “Click Here” Text In table to view video on YouTube App. We will daily update Std 5 Home Learning Video Here, So Save this page in your browser.

STD 5 Home Learning Video October 2020

DateSubjectWatch Video
10/10/2020Click Here.
9/10/2020EVSClick Here.
8/10/2020EnglishClick Here.
7/10/2020MathsClick Here.
6/10/2020HindiClick Here.
5/10/2020GujaratiClick Here.
3/10/2020Joyful SaturdayClick Here.
1/10/2020EnglishClick Here.

STD 5 Home Learning Video September 2020

DateSubjectWatch Video
01-09-2020HindiClick Here
02-09-2020MathsClick Here
03-09-2020EnglishClick Here
04-09-2020MathsClick Here
05-09-2020EVSClick Here
06-09-2020GujaratiClick Here
07-09-2020MathsClick Here
08-09-2020Joyful  SaturdayClick Here
09-09-2020Sunday– – –
10-09-2020GujaratiClick Here
11-09-2020MathsClick Here
12-09-2020Janmashtami– – –
13-09-2020GujaratiClick Here
14-09-2020MathsClick Here
15-09-2020Svatantrata Divas– – –
16-09-2020Sunday– – –
17-09-2020GujaratiClick Here
18-09-2020MathsClick Here
19-09-2020EVSClick Here
20-09-2020GujaratiClick Here
21-09-2020MathsClick Here
22-09-2020Joyful SaturdayClick Here
23-09-2020Sunday– – –
24-09-2020GujaratiClick Here
25-09-2020MathsClick Here
26-09-2020EVSClick Here
27-09-2020GujaratiClick Here
28-09-2020MathsClick Here
29-09-2020Joyful SaturdayClick Here
30-09-2020Sunday– – –

Std 5 Home Learning Video August 2020

Here Is All Home Learning Video For Standard 5 In August 2020. We Will added Subject And Date To Easily Find Video.

21-08-2020ParyavaranClick Here
20-08-2020EnglishClick Here
19-08-2020MathsClick Here
18-08-2020HindiClick Here
17-08-2020GujaratiClick Here
15-08-2020Click Here
14-08-2020ParyavaranClick Here
13-08-2020EnglishClick Here
11-08-2020HindiClick Here
10-08-2020GujaratiClick Here
8-08-2020Joyful SaturdayClick Here
07-08-2020ParyavaranClick Here
06-08-2020GujaratiClick Here
05-08-2020MathsClick Here
04-08-2020HindiClick Here
01-08-2020Joyful SaturdayClick Here

Std 5 Home Learning Video July 2020

Here Is All Home Learning Video For Standard 5 In July 2020. We Will added Subject And Date To Easily Find Video.

31-07-2020ParyavaranClick Here
30-07-2020EnglishClick Here
29-07-2020MathsClick Here
28-07-2020HindiClick Here
27-07-2020GujaratiClick Here
26-07-2020Click Here
25-07-2020Joyful SaturdayClick Here
24-07-2020ParyavaranClick Here
23-07-2020EnglishClick Here
22-07-2020MathsClick Here
21-07-2020HindiClick Here
20-07-2020GujaratiClick Here
18-07-2020Joyful SaturdayClick Here
17-07-2020EvsClick Here
16-07-2020EnglishClick Here
15-07-2020MathsClick Here
14-07-2020HindiClick Here
13-07-2020GujaratiClick Here
11-07-2020Joyful SaturdayClick Here
10-07-2020ParyavaranClick Here
09-07-2020EnglishClick Here
08-07-2020ParyavaranClick Here
07-07-2020HindiClick Here
06-07-2020GujaratiClick Here
04-07-2020Joyful SaturdayClick Here
03-07-2020ParyavaranClick Here
02-07-2020EnglishClick Here
01-07-2020MathsClick Here

Std 5 Home Learning Video June 2020

Here Is All Home Learning Video For Standard 5 In June 2020. We Will added Subject And Date To Easily Find Video.

30-06-2020HINDIClick Here
29-06-2020GUJARATIClick Here
27-06-2020ART & CRAFTClick Here
26-06-2020EVSClick Here
25-06-2020ENGLISHClick Here
24-06-2020MATHSClick Here
23-06-2020HINDIClick Here
22-06-2020GUJARATIClick Here
20-06-2020ART & CRAFT
19-06-2020EVSClick Here
18-06-2020ENGLISHClick Here
17-06-2020MATHSClick Here
16-06-2020HINDIClick Here
15-06-2020GUJARATIClick Here

Std 5 DD Girnar Video

After Watching home learning video give online test to get your own result. After Giving online test you can monitor your self for Study. You will get idea about your preparation and know more about self. To Give online test simply click on Below “Click Here” Text and start Std 5 Online Test.

Note : Online Test Is Not Updated Till Now, Please Wait For Some Time.

Dhoran 5 DD Girnar Video

Hope You Get Useful Information Related To Home Learning Video DD Girnar For Std 5. And also got Online Test Related Information. If This Post Helped You Then share with your friends and family. Comment Below If you need help or have suggestion regarding this post. Daily Visit This Page For Std 5 Home Learning Video.


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