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Ghare Shikhiye Book PDF Download For Std 1 To 8

 The Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) has brought an ePDF with a learning activity at home so that students can stay at home and study on their own self. This concept Ebook Is Called As Ghare Shikhiye.

It has also given parents the opportunity to spend the time with their children and teach them. Parents can take some time to sit with your children and teach them with playable activity.

Ghare Shikhiye

Schools are closed due to lockdown, So that your child is not deprived of education. This is an initiative of GCERT whose name has been given to “Ghare Shikhiye” (Learn at Home).

GCERT “Ghare Shikhiye” (Learn at Home) This is a special edition under students of every standard can easily learn through some activity in their life.

Ghare Shikhiye Book PDF Download

Government Started Good concept To Learn At Home For Students. At this time GCERT Provided PDF For standard 1 To 8. You can easily download them from below table.

Simply Click On Download Text, it will redirect you to Google drive pdf viewer. You can view pdf without downloading and if You want to save them in mobile then Simply Download Them.

Ghare Shikhiye Book August 2020
Standard 1Download
Standard 2Download
Standard 3Download
Standard 4Download
Standard 5Download
Standard 6Download
Standard 7Download
Standard 8Download
Ghare Shikhiye Book June 2020July 2020
Standard 1DownloadDownload
Standard 2DownloadDownload
Standard 3DownloadDownload
Standard 4DownloadDownload
Standard 5DownloadDownload
Standard 6DownloadDownload
Standard 7DownloadDownload
Standard 8DownloadDownload

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Ghare Sikhiye Book PDF Download

Message from GCERT to Parents,

Your child is not going to his schools for the epidemic of COVID-19 in this year. Everyone will be worried about their children’s education. At the same time in the current situation health can be just as much a concern. It will take some time for the schools to become regular…  But education does not stop. An activity book has been prepared with this for your child’s education. Which includes activities to do at home over the next month. Let the children do this activity. Also talk to the teacher on the phone if needed.

Message from GCERT to Students,

 Students may also be missing your school. Fun to play with friends at school, fun to study with the teacher in the classroom, fun to ask questions and learn new things. But it may still take some time for schools to open. So do you still have to wait for your fun? The answer is No. 

 We are sending you this Self Learning Material (SLM) so that you do not stop having fun & learning new things. For using these materials you can learn from yourself. Using which you will be able to start your learning process without stopping.

And yes, at the same time you have to use your textbook. This initiative will make it easier for you to  understand.

Final Words

GCERT Learn at Home Different e-book PDF from standard 1 to standard 8 has been put online by GCERT which you can download through our website. 

In GCERT Learn at Home there will be a QR code under certain activity, which you can scan through mobile then you will see the video of that activity. For more information you can contact the teacher.


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