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DD Girnar Home Learning Videos For Std 3 To 12

Home Learning Videos: STD 3 to 12

In India, things like RTE (Right to Education) and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan are raising the standard of education. Education is reaching every part of the country, but at present this education is reaching through Home Learning.

Home Learning covers STD 3 to STD 12, In which teachers understand the mental state of the students and then teach them. At present, students are being taught in a very simple way in home learning so that their learning is not made more complicated or more difficult.

Students can re-watch if there is any confusion in the live stream of home learning. Through youtube, every recording of home learning is being put on youtube so that children can review it whenever they want &  test themselves through unit tests to see what they have learned.

Students now have more time for revision, as home learning in the day is only for a few hours. Then throughout the day students who can easily remember that topic through revision. Apart from that, home learning has reduced the anxiety of schools


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Introduction of Home Learning

Home Learning is a commendable step by the Gujarat government, which is working to provide quality education to the students of Gujarat, despite the school being closed.

Learning is becoming more and more advanced day by day and today we can all see that every country in the world is teaching students through Home Learning, and students are also learning well. Which is actually an interdependent system.

Home Learning is broadcast on DD Girnar, the regional TV channel in Gujarat. In which students are taught through live broadcasts by the best teachers of Gujarat. Teachers teaching you in Home Learning are experts in the subject you want to learn.

At such a time, students cannot get knowledge by going to school, And we cannot deprive them of their education nor can their year be ruined. Because of that, every student has been promoted to upper standards, other than the board.

At the same time, the Gujarat government is teaching new students coming from the old class in Home Learning through a live broadcast program by DD Girnar, which can be called a monumental task.

Home Learning is taught subject-wise under each standard. Every day one or two subjects are taught live by the best teachers of that subject. Whose timetable is predetermined. And then the Home Learning timetable is given to the students through notification.

If, for some reason, a student misses a live session of Home Learning, it may affect their learning. So our team has made available a video link of the recording of each live session to our website

Every child has the right to education, If the government is providing invaluable education to children through platforms like Home Learning, Then we too can contribute something to this great mission of knowledge.


Advantages of Home Learning:

●     It’s like remote education, whenever you want to learn, you can learn.

●     A teacher who teaches that subject to the whole state, so that it becomes easier to focus in study.

●     More explanation in a very short time.

●     Self-assessment makes children aware of themselves

●     Education became easier and more modern


Disadvantages of Home Learning:

●     Not sure if the students are studying or not.

●     If there is any confusion in the live broadcast, the student does not get the solution immediately.

●     Students do not get a mentally support like a teacher.

●     Lack of discipline and regularity in Students


FAQs of Home Learning:


What is Home Learning?

Home learning is a special option that teaches students sitting at home. Which meets the needs of the school.

Why Home Learning?

Home Learning is the only solution in the present times, which delivers the necessary education to the students.

What will happen from Home Learning?

With Home Learning, students can sit at any place they want and acquire knowledge

What is the main purpose of Home Learning?

Delivering free and high quality education to every student of Gujarat from Home Learning, and at the same time educating the students for their bright future.

Can Home Learning Teach Like Schools?

Schools cannot be opened at the present time due to which the 2nd option is Home Learning. And for the last 3 months Home Learning has been teaching the same as schools, Which is a very noble thing.


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